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Reno’s Head-to-Toe
HIIT Workout Gym

If the idea of a complete, full-body 30-minute workout fits within your schedule, give The Daily 30 a test sweat. You’ll leave happy, worked and several hundred calories lighter than when you walked in. The best part is that our trained coaches will put you through a top-of-your-head to the soles-of-your-feet HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) that continues to rev your metabolism long after you’ve left the gym.
The Daily 30 is the best 30-minutes of your day!

HIIT-Trained Coaches, Small-Group Setting

The Daily 30 is staffed by a team of coaches trained in high-intensity interval training workout techniques. Each day’s class features a different set of HIIT workouts, and you won't see the same workout programming twice. Our coaches show you how to correctly perform the moves to safely wring every ounce of benefit from your 30-minute session. Cool down and guided stretching close out each class.


All The Things To Keep You In Shape

The Daily 30 features all the equipment and hands-on guidance you need to keep your heart rate up and your body tuned and toned.

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