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The Daily 30 HIIT Workout
Is Full-Body Fitness

The idea of hoisting truck tires across the CrossFit gym floor doesn’t sound like fun. And you need something more vigorous than yoga. AND the group classes have to fit within your schedule, not the other way around, we think you’ll appreciate The Daily 30 HIIT approach. We offer up to 7 daily 30-minute group classes, set in a comfortable, ego-free exercise environment that you can easily schedule into every day.

Friendly, Focused
Fitness Experts

As Daily 30 coaches, we are committed to your success and health. We stake our professional reputations and personal pride in helping our members get in shape without complex equipment, unsustainable diet plans, or over-the-top workout regimens.

The Daily 30 method is straightforward: You’re part of a clean, well-equipped gym where you can practice high-quality, strenuous movements under the supportive supervision of trained coaches who want to see you get fit and stay healthy.


Brad Corn


Born and raised right here in Reno NV
Bachelor's Degree from UNR. Certificates in Nutrition coaching, CrossFit Level 1, NASM PT, Ace Group Training.
Married to Kacey for 10 years. 3 kids: Remy (8), Austin (5), and Jovi (1.5).

Favorite quotes:

"The secret to having everything is believing that you already do." and 

“Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

In our fast-paced lives full of activities, our time is supremely valuable. Sometimes we need to find the minimum time we can dedicate to something in order to get the job done or continue making progress. This premise, the minimum effective dose of physical activity, is exactly what The Daily30 was founded on. Super effective, time efficient full body workouts that challenge you while you improve your health and well being. And we always allow some light- hearted fun in here!

"We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time!"

Katie Barberi


Katie Barberi is a Certified Personal trainer and group fitness instructor, specializing in HIIT and Prenatal and Postnatal exercise. She is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Sports Nutritionist and runs her business from her home office here in Reno, working with clients all over the US. (Check it out at:


 With certifications in personal training, group exercise, and yoga, Katie’s a true triple threat, and a welcome addition to our Daily 30 family.     

What we love more than her extensive expertise, however, is her warm demeanor and passion for helping others to prioritize a healthy body and mindset. 

Originally a Boulder, CO native, Katie moved to Reno from Southern California. She is married to Stefano Barberi, who is a professional mountain biker, and the couple has two young boys.


When she’s not working she loves spending time with her family, traveling to her husband’s bike races, heading out on a long run, or curling up at home with a good book..  


Trisha Benson

Trisha has settled in Reno, NV with her husband and two young children after years of living and traveling internationally.


After studying International Development at UCLA she ended up in East Africa for nearly a decade. In Uganda, she initially worked as the Head of African Development for an NGO that delivered refurbished computers and teacher training to schools throughout Africa. She then moved into Corporate Social Responsibility with an upstream Oil & Gas organization.


Never one to take the well beaten path, she did a complete 180 in 2013, moving to Bali to do a yoga teacher training and get married.


Since university, Trisha has kept her passion for fitness alive, always teaching or personal training in some regard behind the scenes.

Since 2015, she has found a home in The Daily 30 and has devoted more of her time to the thing that makes her feel most alive: sweating with a group of people to loud '80s music and yelling...("I mean, gently encouraging") people to work hard and squat lower. 


When not working at The Daily 30 or a personal snack chef for her children she serves as Project Intra's Director of the Change in Conversation Project where she encourages people to talk about how to make big changes and have difficult conversations. 

Sheri Terrasas


Sheri is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is passionate about helping individuals improve their lives through exercise and nutrition.


Sheri is very creative and uses those amazing skills to create and coach fun and challenging workouts. She is dedicated to continuous improvement and education that will help enhance our clients workouts experiences. In her own words “I feel blessed to work with and learn from the great coaches and athletes at The Daily 30.”


Sheri is a Reno native. She went to college at Brigham Young University and then started her family. She is mom to six boys and two girls, and raising her children has been her life’s devotion and adventure.

When she isn’t at the gym she enjoys reading great books, spending time at the beach at Lake Tahoe, indexing historical documents and cooking. She truly enjoys helping others, so much so that she organized a group called Manus Eius, which provides meals and necessities to needy individuals each month.

Sheri Pic.JPG

Rachel Nowlain-Sisk


Rachel Nowlain-Sisk is a certified personal trainer through NASM. She also has her corrective exercise and women’s health certifications through NASM and is a pregnancy and postpartum athletic coach through Brianna Battles.

She has always been a pretty active person but she fell in love with fitness when she did physical therapy and regular exercise saved her from having a spinal fusion at 25. She learned the importance of exercise to keep up your strength and mobility throughout the course of your life. No matter what stage of life you are in. She is happy to teach you strategies for how to regain your strength and prevent injuries.

Nicole Butler


Emily Flynn



More info coming soon....

Pull Ups

James Kellames


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