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The Daily 30 Is A Gem of A Gym
(Say that 3x fast...)

The Daily 30 studio is purpose-built for dropping pounds and shaping up. Much of our high-intensity interval training workouts involve bodyweight movements. Then, to keep things lively, we zest up your 30-minute HIIT session with a full complement of dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, bosu balls, and, of course, your own hard-charging body for a powerful calorie-killing class.

A Workout Studio Built to Keep You Healthy

Let’s start with our cushy floor. It’s special. With just the right amount of cushion and support, this shock absorber ensures your joints stay healthy while providing a firm foundation for your workout. Our daily programming is different each day, too. Creatively employing a range of equipment, including dumb bells, kettle bells, a TRX system, medicine and bosu balls, climbing/slamming ropes, pull-up bars, bands, boxes, jump ropes..., our coaches dish up a different menu of challenging routines  for a complete, soup-to-nuts 5-star 30-minute HIIT class.


Park It, Work It,
Get On With Your Day

The Daily 30 is conveniently located in southwest Reno, at the corner of Moana Lane and Lakeside, in the Moana East Shopping Center. You'll have loads of free and easy parking, so you can get in, work out, and get home or back to the office quickly.

Teachers, office workers, medical professionals, educators, students, moms, dads, drop-ins… we’re talking to you.

Plus, there are many nearby eateries, so grabbing a sandwich or snack on your way back to work or home is a piece of cake ;)

Keeping the Beat with MyZone

We are big fans of the MyZone heart rate training system. MyZone tracks your individual workout intensity, heart rate, and calorie burn through five color-coded levels tailored specifically to you. The online system records your Daily 30 workouts through the heart rate monitor chest or wrist strap. Your workout is also linked to our in-studio monitors, so you can chart your performance throughout the 30-minute session. It's a great way to see yourself getting fitter, inside and out.


Bring the Kids

You can park the kids in our dedicated play area while you work out. The kids' station is next to the studio floor, letting you stay in contact during your session.

For those with car-seat munchkins, we have a number of mom and dad members who set their babes near them. You can easily keep an eye on your little while throwing down. Simply step away when you need to take care of business.

Please come in and take a look!

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